Introducing eDivvyup. Estate and Divorce Property Distribution make easy.

eDivvyup offers a unique online auction platform that is designed to engage family members in an equitable method for the division of property after the death of a parent or other loved one. Family members left behind will no longer have the emotional strain associated with the equitable distribution of the personal property not accounted for in a standard will.

Personal items often have strong sentimental value for those left to sort out the estate. It is deciding who is to get those items that can cause strife and division within the family. With eDivvyup, this painful step can be eliminated by providing family members with a fair and equitable process for the distribution of this property.

While specific items may hold sentimental value for you, they are not worth the fighting and long-term damage to relationships. Let eDivvyup provide a fast and efficient way to account for all the personal items to ensure a peaceful transition for everyone involved.

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